Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blueberry Medicine in the Highlands

The Highlands

Bumblebees and others pollinators making blueberry medicine

The Highlands are always a special place
But in early August they take on a different magnetism
Where bears and mammals and animals of all sizes
ascend from the woods to our Appalachian balds
Birds chirp closer in territorial hostility
and even more people from all around
come for a taste of sweet blueberries and huckleberries

They come with buckets, jugs, bags, and eager tongues
Some driven by simple survival
Some with pancake dreams
Commencing to pick
We look for the plumpest of the plump
Those barely hanging on
Gobbling as many down as we collect
Wise spiders build webs amidst them
and we are amidst a much bigger one

I grab a clump of 7 perfectly ripe in a tight cluster
and somehow feel a small victory
And can’t help but grin
hoping it happens again

You can spend 30 minutes on one bush
And look out and see more than one can fathom
I’m viscerally reminded of the necessity of the wild
And I’m viscerally reminded of the chlorophyllic magic
of sustenance provided by the land
Of sunlight converted to sweet sugars
and vitamins and antioxidants
And untold compounds
that also nourish the soul.

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