Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ode to the Perseids

(The Perseids are winding down after another glamorous show this year. They'll still be visible for a few more days, even though the peak just passed. A poem in honor of shooting stars)

Look up
Perseus is calling
Glare into celestial canopy
and look deep beyond meaning
Past twinkle and glimmer from so many years ago finally reaching your eyes
And you may catch a glance of tiny particles speaking
Like stones skipping across a pond
Of stardust and trails zooming through night sky in short heroic bursts
This moment has been waiting for you

Radiant point is northeast
These shooting stars skip across our invisible roof
and burn out and disintegrate
In such flashy fashion
Ephemeral and lingering in retina
their death rings like victory
and we are left in awe
of how epic their last words were

We dignify their deaths with wishes
and hopes
and rekindled lore and love towards space
For we are stuck here for now
and perhaps in that fleeting moment
we are exactly where we are meant to be
As our place in time and space coexists with something greater than random chance
Serendipity zooming particles reach out and we are more alive in their death

Look up
And face your fate
Look up
And dream that dream you are afraid to speak
Look up
You are entering new terrain
Look up
For you are meant to see that we too
are returning home.

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