Monday, July 8, 2013

Firefly Dance

Firefly dance
of optical glamour
at its country finest

I love Virginia’a fields
for the firefly dance
of summer
Who ever seen a fireworks display so wild and dreamy?

Firefly dance swoons me into the surreal
in its courting fervor and pulsing rhythms
Electrical impulses, these lightning bugs
look like synapses of the forest and field firing
Sometimes I think I see what it all means

Sparks and circuitry leaking from circle of life
little dreams flashing like reminders

It appears like chaos
or lack of pattern
But every so often I see flashes
of that clear communication
cascading upwards from the ground to the top of the tree line
A rolling upsurge of summertime magic

I am barefoot
and blown away
hypnotized by firefly dance

This night is so sweet
I feel the impulse to get closer to you
Blink into silence
It is always the silence that shows the words
Like the night showing your sweet, sweet light.