Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A wave of trilliums

I rode a wave of trilliums
dappled pink and white on
a million shades of green
upon waves and waves of Appalachian landscape
etched like fractal dreams

Blooming biodiversity aches of budding thought
swinging dogwood blossoms
sweet to the tongue redbud flowers
dangling columbines, unfurling ferns, crumpled cohosh
and clear cascading waters

I rode a wave of trilliums
to an old stand of tulip poplars
hiding below a thick network
of mycelium and bacteria and the
synergistic chemistry of soil and Life
showy orchis sings it is time
as fruiting bodies of cerebral bulbous folds 
explode through thirsty dirt
miracles of a different kind

so I am frying morels and poor man’s pepper
with a dash of ramps for supper

I rode a wave of trilliums
into a small piece of heaven
into the resurgence of Spring
Nourishment for my body
And more importantly my soul
And I am all the stronger for it
a step closer to our fragile and wondrous world.

1 comment:

Griff said...

A very dreamlike beautiful piece, Adam! You see the Appalachian world in a much different way than most. Glad you convey your perception to us in a lush and facinating light. It makes readers truly appreciate the beauty which is out there. Now I wish I was out there being filled up and being made whole again.